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Playoff Predictions

Before many teams can clinch a playoff spot, I am going to predict who I think will make the playoffs:


Division Leaders

Tennessee Titans(Clinched)

Pittsburgh Steelers(Clinched)

New York Jets- Over Dolphins and Patriots because they will beat the Seahawks almost certainly, and I think that they will beat the Dolphins out to decide the winner.

Denver Broncos- Over Chargers because if they get just one win, they clinch and they have two 6-8 teams left on their schedule. Continue reading


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Odd Contract Agreement

Albert HaynesworthIn my last post, I recorded the Pro Bowl rosters. Albert Haynesworth was in that post. You would think that’s good for the Tennessee Titans, wouldn’t you? I mean, your defensive tackle was good enough to be named one the best, right?

Well, as it turns out, it’s not good for the Titans.

Why? Well, one term of Haynesworth’s contract is that he becomes a free agent once he is named to the Pro Bowl. Continue reading

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