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Lil’ Wayne on the Super Bowl


Wow… can Super Bowl XLIII get any more publicity?

Let me explain: the man whose nickname about 99.9 percent of people age 10-30 know is now speaking out on the Super Bowl.

That’s right, Dwayne Carter, Jr., Birdman’s adopted son, who is more commonly know as Lil’ Wayne wrote an article about the Super Bowl. Now let me elaborate for the people who have been living in a hole for the past year: Lil’ Wayne is a man who has had at least ten top ten hits, probably more, over a span of around 12 months. Some of his hit singles that you might have heard of are: Go DJ, Lollipop, A Milli, Got Money, or I’m Me. And that doesn’t even brush the songs that take up all the space on the popularity bar on iTunes. So, on with his article. Continue reading


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Dr. Naismith’s Original Draft of First Basketball Rules


The original draft of basketball rules, as pictured above, read like this:

“Basket Ball

        The ball to be an ordinary Association football.

  1. The ball may be thrown in any direction with one or both hands.
  2. The ball may be batted in any direction with one or both hands (never with the fist).
  3. A player cannot run with the ball, the player must throw it from the spot on which he catches it, allowance to be made for a man who catches the ball when running at a good speed.
  4. The ball must be held in or between the hands, the arms or body must not be used for holding it.
  5. No shouldering, holding, pushing, tripping or striking,in any way the person  of an opponent shall be allowed. The first infringement of this rule by any person shall count as a foul, the second shall disqualify him until the next goal is made, or if there was evident intent to injure the person, for the whole of the game, no substitute allowed.
  6. A foul is striking at the ball with the fist, violation if rules 3 and 4, and such as described in rule 5.
  7. If either side makes three consecutive fouls it shall count a goal for the opponents (consecutive means without the opponents in the meantime making a foul).
  8. A goal shall be made when the ball is thrown or batted from the grounds into the basket and stays there,providing those defending the goal do not touch or disturbe the goal. If the ball rests on the edge and the opponent moves the basket it shall count as a goal.
  9. When the ball goes out of bounds it shall be thrown into the field, and played by the person first touching it. In case of a dispute the umpire shall throw it straight into the field. The thrower is allowed five seconds, if he holds it longer it shall go to the opponent. If any side presists in delaying the game, the umpire shall call a foul on them.
  10. The umpire shall be judge of the men, and shall note the fouls, and notify the referee when three consecutive fouls have been made. He shall have power to disqualify men according to Rule 5.
  11. The referee shall be judge of the ball and shall decide when the ball is in play, in bounds, and to which side it belongs, and shall keep the time.  He shall decide when a goal has been made, and keep account of the goals with any other duties that are usually performed by a referee.
  12. The time shall be two fifteen minute halves, with five minute rest between.
  13. The side making the most goals in that time shall be declared the winners. In case of a draw the game may , by agreement of the captains, be continued until another goal is made.

First draft of Basket Ball rules. 

Hung in the gym that the boys might learn the rules. Dec 1891 James Naismith 8-28-31″

*Note- I realize that some words were misspelled. I just recorded the rules as Naismith originally wrote them.

That’s all I have for you.

Thanks for reading!

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Barack Obama’s Basketball Credentials

barack obama

Our president-elect Barack Obama has been said to be a basketball player, and a good one at that. I did a little research, and came up with this:

Obviously, you can tell that he is a leader, because he’s holding the ball in his high school team photo. At Punahou High School, he wore number 23 and 25, was called “Barry O’Bomber”, and it said that he played forward. His 6’1 frame put him at the largest on his high school team. Continue reading

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