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Suns Make a Blockbuster Deal

The Suns sure do love to make some big moves!

They made another deal recently, this time with the Bobcats. The Suns traded away defensive ace Raja Bell, also known as “The Kobe Stopper”, was traded away as well as versatile forward Boris Diaw, and rookie point guard Sean Singletary. In exchange for these players, the Suns recieved dynamic shooting guard Jason Richardson, second-year forward Jared Dudley, and a 2010 second round draft choice.

Steve Nash doesn’t seem too happy about the trade. He said, “I take this personally and I take my career home with me. I care about my teammates. When you lose two of your best friends on a team suddenly, it’s hard.”

After his bad performance in the game after the trade was announced, he said, “I was emotionally drained and just couldn’t give the guys what they needed tonight.”

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