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Amidst Big Upsets, Few Teams Step Up

Since the start of the conference tournaments, there have been many disappointments and many surprises. Two such games came yesterday, March 12, 2009.

The first one came in a game between Pittsburgh and West Virginia. All through the game, you couldn’t tell if it was the same Pittsburgh team that just recently beat the then #1 Connecticut. West Virginia simply dominated Pitt, beating them in the end by 14, 74-60. Devan Ebanks led the Mountaineers with 20 points and 7 rebounds, while playing all 40 minutes. LeVance Fields stood out for the Panthers, because even though he only had 6 points, he also had 6 rebounds and 7 assists. But it wasn’t enough.

The next Big East upset took a long time to secure, almost 4 hours. The game was the second longest ever in the NCAA, just one OT away from holding that title. The game between Connecticut and Syracuse was a 6OT affair. Many a time in this game, there were buzzer-beaters or near-buzzer-beaters by both teams. The game was very high scoring, as it should be, and the Orange came out with a win, and, though it took a while, they upset Hasheem Thabeet and the Huskies by ten, 127 to 117.

But, the Big East isn’t the only place that has had some upsets.  Yesterday alone, 3 top 17 teams were upset, and they were: Oklahoma, Kansas, and Clemson.

Today, Wake Forest was felled by Maryland by 11, BYU lost to San Diego State, Xavier lost to Temple, Syracuse is fighting with West Virginia for a win right now, Duke is also struggling with Boston College, and UCLA is yet to play tonight.  Also, Washington is currently struggling with Arizona State. But those games are yet to be decided.

But, amidst all these upsets, some teams are yet to disappoint. North Carolina squeaked by Virginia Tech by 3, and Michigan State beat Minnesota by 8.

But, the team I really want to point out is Louisville.

terrence-williams1The Louisville Cardinals came into the Big East tournament as the one seed (side note: no one was talking about them, it was all about Connecticut and Pittsburgh), and got a first and second round bye. At noon yesterday, Providence lost to Louisville by 11, and because of all the upsets, Louisville was set for a date with Villanova tonight at 7. The game started out tight, and Villanova led for a while, but then the Cardinals took hold of the game with a remarkable second half. They outscored the Wildcats 43 to 21 in the second half en route to a 14 point win, 69 to 55. Now they are set to go to the Big East Championship. (In case you can’t tell by that biased beginning, I’m a big Louisville fan.)

So, even though many teams have been upset, some teams (Louisville, UNC, and Michigan State) have still stayed strong and won the games they are supposed to win.

That’s all I have for you.

Thanks for reading!  


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