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Super Bowl Preview by Guest Writer Kevin Black

Here’s an article by guest writer Kevin Black:

Super Bowl Preview

What’s the biggest event of the year? In my opinion, it’s the Super Bowl. This year’s game will live up to all the hype it is receiving. As all of you know I’m sure, the teams are, The Pittsburgh Steelers, the AFC representative, and the Arizona Cardinals, the NFC representative. 

Let’s talk a little bit about how both teams made the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh went 12-4 and clinched their division with the second seed. They dominated their division, much to my displeasure being a Bengals fan, going 6-0. Pittsburgh had to play a respect hungry team, the San Diego Chargers. In the game they defeated the Chargers 35-24. Then they went on to beat a tough Baltimore Ravens 23-14.
Now Arizona on the other hand, had a tougher road to the Super Bowl. They finished the season with a record of 9-7. The Played Atlanta in the first one, and defeated the Falcons 30-24. Then they had to play, in my opinion, one of the best teams in the NFL, the Carolina Panthers. They Dominated the Panthers with a score of 33-13. Then they had to play one of the hottest teams in the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles. They edged them with a score of 32-25.
Now to this week, the Super Bowl. These are two teams that got here two different ways. One by having a phenomenal offense, the Cardinals, and the other by having a tough defense, the Steelers. The Cardinals Offense put up huge numbers in the regular season. They had the 4th best offense in the league, and were the 2nd best Passing offense in the league. The Steelers on the other hand had an amazing defense. They had the 1st rank total and passing defense, and had the 2nd best rushing defense.
I’m sure you all are wondering, “Who’s going to win this game?” In my opinion it comes down to who wins the battle between the Arizona Offense, and the Pittsburgh Defense. My X factors in the game are Anquan Boldin for the Arizona Offense, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for the Defense. For Pittsburgh my X factors are, Heath Miller for the offense, and James Harrison for the Defense. The major one on one battle I can’t wait to see is Larry Fitzgerald against the whole Pittsburgh Secondary. So putting every thing in retrospect and going over all the stats, my choice to win the game is the Arizona Cardinals.

-Kevin Black

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  1. I think it turned out pretty well.


    Comment by kevin black | February 2, 2009

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