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Steelers Win Amazing Super Bowl

The Defensive Player of the Year made a huge difference in this Super Bowl. In two plays.

The first one came just before halftime, score at 7 to 10. The Steelers were up, and the Cardinals had the ball on the 2 or 3 yard line, about to score. Kurt Warner dropped back, looked left, and threw a pass to a slanting receiver. Harrison darted toward the ball and picked it off, with huge momentum.

His momentum carried him, as he jetted down the field, avoiding Kurt Warner and some other Cardinals. When he got to the five yard line, Steve Breaston and Larry Fitzgerald caught up to him, attempting to tackle him. They did bring him down, but too late, as he scored a touchdown off a 100 yard interception return.

The longest play in Super Bowl history.

The other potentially game changing moment by James Harrison came in the fourth quarter, with about 7 minutes left. The Cardinals were punting from the 40 yard line, trying to pin the Steelers deep in their own territory. The punt was a good one, and was downed on the 2 yard line. But, there was a flag down: unnecessary roughness, receiving team, number 92. James Harrison. 

He got blocked, and the blocker just sat there under him, so James started punching him on the back. When the blocker got up, Harrison punched him in the stomach. Bad move.

So the Steelers were pinned on the 1 yard line. When they got to 2nd and 10, Willie Parker attempted to rush the ball, and barely escaped a safety. The next play was wild. 

Roethlisberger escaped a rush, then threw the ball about 20 yards down the field to Santonio Holmes. He made a subtly amazing catch, snagging it with one hand behind him. However, the catch didn’t matter. Another penalty(which was the story of the night). Holding on the Steelers in the endzone.

A safety.

That made the score 20-16, and it gave the Cardinals the ball with under 6 minutes left.

So, after the safety punt, the Cardinals phenomenal  offense lined up to take the lead. Near the beginning of the drive, Warner threw a ball to Fitzgerald over the middle, and he had a big wide open space of green in front of him. He took it to the house off pure speed for his second touchdown of the night, which ultimately gave him the record for most touchdowns in a single postseason.

However, more importantly, it gave the Cardinals the lead, 23-20.

I was rejoicing, as I was cheering for the Cardinals, but one of the people there reminded me that there was time left.

The Steelers put together a great drive, ending tragically for some, but amazingly for others. After a big catch by Holmes that put the Steelers within 10 yards, Holmes received a ball from Big Ben in the back corner of the endzone, with three defenders near. 

Holmes caught the ball and toe tapped for the touchdown. The touchdown that put the Steelers back on top. The touchdown with :35 seconds left. That scoring drive was lead by Holmes, who had four catches for 73 yards and 1 touchdown.

So, with the score 27-23, the Steelers on top, after a Cardinal return, Warner took the game into his hands with 77 yards in front of him. His first throw gained about 25 yards, and got the Cardinals to midfield. But, that was about as far as they got because, after a medium gain, Warner fumbled attempting a hail mary.

The Steelers recovered the ball with :5 seconds left.

After Big Ben took the final knee of the season, the cheering started.

The final score was 27-23.

Santonio Holmes was named MVP of the Super Bowl with 9 catches for 131 yards and 1 TD in just his third NFL season.

That’s all I have for you.

Thanks for reading!


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