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Lil’ Wayne on the Super Bowl


Wow… can Super Bowl XLIII get any more publicity?

Let me explain: the man whose nickname about 99.9 percent of people age 10-30 know is now speaking out on the Super Bowl.

That’s right, Dwayne Carter, Jr., Birdman’s adopted son, who is more commonly know as Lil’ Wayne wrote an article about the Super Bowl. Now let me elaborate for the people who have been living in a hole for the past year: Lil’ Wayne is a man who has had at least ten top ten hits, probably more, over a span of around 12 months. Some of his hit singles that you might have heard of are: Go DJ, Lollipop, A Milli, Got Money, or I’m Me. And that doesn’t even brush the songs that take up all the space on the popularity bar on iTunes. So, on with his article.

In this article, found on ESPN’s website, he announces that he picks the Arizona Cardinals to handily beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, saying, “I’m taking the Cardinals by 14 to 17 points.” However, if you’re a diehard Weezy fan, then you’re probably thinking that that’s not vintage Lil’ Wayne. You’re right. He showed his true self by saying later in the article: “So yeah, Arizona is gonna stomp their* hearts…”

Anther vintage Lil’ Wayne statement in this article is: “Kurt Warner is going to win Super Bowl MVP, go into the Hall of Fame and become an excellent commentator for ESPN in a few years.”

He also wasn’t exactly grammatically correct in his article, using ’em and gonna many times.

However, there was one statement in his article that I didn’t agree with: “I like Larry Fitzgerald alot. He’s not the best receiver in the NFL- that would be Steve Smith or Terrell Owens-“?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Steve Smith?!?!?! Terrell Owens?!?!?!?! Now, I realize that both of them are good receivers, maybe even great, and in the past may have been the best in the NFL, but not now. They are both past their prime. Larry Fitzgerald is the best receiver in the NFL. Period.

But, other than that, Lil’ Wayne’s article was great. Thank you, Lil’ Wayne, for a good article.

That’s all I have for you.

Thanks for reading!

*”their” refers to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

P.S. This article url is:


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