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The Boston Three Party… Or a Party of Four? Maybe Even Five! Or Six, Seven…


When Mike D’Antoni drafted Rajon Rondo to be a Sun with the 21st pick in the 2006 draft, he just traded, with fears that his inability to shoot a jump shot wouldn’t fit in with the Suns. And, honestly, Rondo should be happy that he was traded on draft day because he could have never reached his full potential backing Steve Nash up. 

However, it wasn’t a good move for the Suns, with Rondo now stunning the sports world as point guard for the Boston Celtics.

He nicely complemented the Celtics’ Big Three last year, but he was that and only that: a complement. Now, however, he has fit himself into the mix, with the first triple- double since Ryan Gomes for the Celtics and rising thoughts that the Celtics might not only have a Boston Three Party but a Boston Three Party plus One.

Last year, as we all know the Boston Celtics had a revolution. They went out and grabbed Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to help Paul Pierce out. How did it work out? A 42 game turnaround, the best record in the NBA, and an NBA Finals series win.

However, it was only the Big Three, Rondo didn’t contribute as much as he is this year. Which is why, this year, the Celtics are better than they were last year: because they have a playmaker. Rondo has 7.5 APG. Also, Rondo has been a nice defensive stopper, with 2.4 SPG. But that’s not all: Rondo averages double figures in scoring, and also tacks on 5 rebounds per game. So, he’s just a good all-around player.

But, wait, aren’t there five starters on a basketball team, not just four? Let’s see, there’s two guards, two forwards, and, oh yeah, there’s a center! That’s it, Kendrick Perkins is the forgotten other starter for the Boston Celtics.

And he’s not too shabby either. He averages 8.5 rebounds a game, 1.9 blocks a game, and amidst all these scorers on his team, he still manages to get 9.1 points a game. 

Also, their sixth man, Sam Cassell, should be in consideration for Sixth Man of the Year with 11.2 points a game, 3.9 assists a game, and a 43.8 FG%. But, the depth doesn’t stop there: the Celtics have nine players that  average at least 6.8 PPG. 

Now that’s pretty good, don’t you think?

That’s all I have for you.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Interesting blogpost, I didn’t thought reading it was going to be so interesting when I looked at your link.

    Comment by LaumbRoarma | December 12, 2009

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