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Barack Obama’s Basketball Credentials

barack obama

Our president-elect Barack Obama has been said to be a basketball player, and a good one at that. I did a little research, and came up with this:

Obviously, you can tell that he is a leader, because he’s holding the ball in his high school team photo. At Punahou High School, he wore number 23 and 25, was called “Barry O’Bomber”, and it said that he played forward. His 6’1 frame put him at the largest on his high school team.

In a “3-on-3 Challenge for Change”, where Obama played with high school and college kids. When shooting for teams, he missed his first shot, but swished his second from just beyond the three point arc. In the 20 minute game, where Obama’s team, “Hope”, won, Obama had 9 points(one three), 4 rebounds, two steals, and one assist.

b. obama

Barack Obama’s step-brother, Craig Robinson, head basketball coach at Oregon State, and former Ivy League Player of the Year at Princeton, was interviewed about Obama’s basketball skills. Robinson said that he and Obama played in a scrimmage against some college guys, and that Obama had a nice shot, was aggressive, didn’t back away from contact, and wasn’t selfish.


So, from what I have gathered, Obama is in fact, a pretty good basketball player.


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