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Bradford Wins the Heisman!


It’s official: Sam Bradford won the Heisman.

It was definantly only a three man battle: 3rd place (Tim Tebow)having 1,575 points, then 4th place (Graham Harrell) having  just 213 points.

But, boy, oh boy, was it close between those three! The voting within those top three went like this:

1. Sam Bradford- 300 1st place points, 315 2nd place points, 196 3rd place points, and 1,726 total points.

2. Colt McCoy- 266 1st place points, 288 2nd place points, 230 3rd place points, and 1,640 total points.

3. Tim Tebow- 309 1st place points, 207 2nd place points, 234 3rd place points, and 1,575 total points.

So, Tebow had the most 1st place and 3rd place points, but was way behind the other two in 2nd place points, which really hurt him bad. McCoy was strong in 2nd and 3rd place points, but was last in 1st place votes. Bradford was very close to Tebow in first place votes, way ahead of everybody in 2nd place votes, and behind the other two in 3rd place points. But his margin in 2nd place points more than made up for that.

Records broken at the Ceremony

So, for the second year in a row, an underclassmen won the Heisman. Before last year, no underclassmen had ever won the prize.

First time ever there were no senior finalists.

First time ever no running backs had over 100 points(closest was Shonn Greene, with 65.)

That’s all I have for you.

Thanks for reading!


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